saturday dec 3, 2022


javier is an artist and educator from spain whose work reconciles classical motifs with the global concourse. born in a medieval city of golden stones, he studied art & design in central saint martins and has lived in gothenburg, barcelona, and new york, with short residencies in lisbon, paris, and mexico city.

he will be presenting a curated series of evocative works rooted in classical figure drawing, which will be available for purchase. captured in art studios in new york and paris, they wonder at the human form — the seen and the suggested.

he will also be sharing and creating calligraphic works on notecards and envelopes, perfect to take home and share some good wishes with the world. get your name — or that of a loved one — handwritten as a compliment for every purchase.


sunday dec 4, 2022


george is a georgian-born, american visual artist based in new york city. he graduated with honors from the university of applied arts in vienna, receiving his mfa from the institute of design and fashion under the professorship of veronique branquinho.

as a response to the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 he composed a series of drawings titled “no where to go”, a visual diary created with meditative short lines of ink on paper, which will be available for purchase.

diving into the memories and dreams of elapsed life and beliefs, while reflecting on the skittish, unclear, discomposed times, george tries to find strength, resilience and light through the repetitive movements, drawing amulets, necklaces, garments and other objects of desire as symbols of armor and protective second skin against the obscurity of the era.


sunday dec 11, 2022


kyong is a korean artist and designer trained in architecture who has been making ceramic sculptures since 2017. she will be bringing a stool and small ceramic sculptures.

nick is an artist who has been making handmade workwear incorporating deadstock and scrap fabrics since 2018. he will be bringing one-offs and sample jackets & pants.

nicole yi

saturday dec 17, 2022


Nicole is a new media artist and educator with a focus on storytelling, craft, and community. Her practice mixes both physical and digital technologies into installations and experiences that unleash exploratory forms of interaction. Her work spans across mediums including textiles, physical computing, and code. Nicole also teaches as a part-time faculty for creative technology and coding at Parsons School of Design.

Victoria is an artist, designer, educator, and organizer. She has received many recognized grants, commissions, and residency appointments and exhibited her work internationally. She is also a part-time assistant professor of textiles at Parsons and NYU.

craftwork is A material-focused craft, design, and art collective exploring the nature of craft through innovation, storytelling, and future building. With a broad-based skill set, we unite around emerging technologies and sustainable materials explored though historical and cultural contexts.


saturday dec 17, 2022


willie is a florida-born, brooklyn-based quilt maker. his handmade heirloom quilts blend traditional quilt making practices with a contemporary approach to design. he designs for both sides of the quilt—his pieced tops playfully explore repeated simple patterns, stark color contrast, and expansive negative space; his uniquely composed backings dispatch with pattern and embrace the abstract possibilities of pieced fabrics and the power of thoughtfully placed remnants.

a dedicated hand quilter, he was drawn to the craft for hand quilting’s ability to permanently record & transmit the tender loving fussiness of the maker.

willie is excited to present a selection of unique, handmade, heirloom quilts for sale at speaklow & will be open to discussing commissions as well.

Dunton Ellerkamp

sunday dec 18, 2022


Founded in 2022, Dunton Ellerkamp is a collection of jewelry handmade by artist Owen Dunton Ellerkamp. The line of jewelry consists of a collection of made-to-order pieces, one-of-a-kind pieces, and commissions. At Speaklow, Owen will offer readily available pieces and is happy to discuss commissions and future collaborations.

Dunton Ellerkamp’s point of view is informed by the sensitivities of the mundane — the slow change of light, the shape of a shadow, or the intermingling of color. Growing up immersed in the nature of New England, Owen's perspective is shaped by the quiet and understated beauty of the natural world. ‘Dunton’ is an homage to his father’s matrilineal heritage. The Duntons settled in mid-coast Maine in the early 18th century. Both the location and temporal nature of his ancestors' imagined past serve as an anchoring point of inspiration.

The jewelry is produced using the lost wax casting method, a technique that has largely remained unchanged since its inception in 4000 BCE. The jewels start as a block of wax and are hand carved in his Brooklyn studio. Casting artisans transform wax forms into silver. Ellerkamp hand finishes each piece through a series of tumbling, sanding, and filing to achieve a unique textured skin on each piece.