our friends nicole and nick got married and asked us to CREATE the floral decoration for their intimate wedding among their closest friends and family. Taking cue from the couple's outfits with subtle green details, the floral concept, from the bouquet and the boutoniere to the dinner venue arrangement, is an explosion of freshness including not only flowers but also vegetables to celebrate our common love for cooking and sharing meals.

Each BOTANICAL element was chosen to represent family members and friends coming togetherto share this special moment: green orchid, spider lily, eucalyptus, astilbe, helebores, amaranth, lady slipper, lambs ear, rutabaga, swiss chard, garlic, ginger, enoki mushrooms, watermelon radish,brussels sprout, kale, fennel, and scallion. At the end of the party, guests were invited to fill brown paper bags with vegetables and empty wine bottles with flowers to take home.

all photos by michaella Jelin-Till

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